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How do you cancel a purchase in the App Store?

How do you cancel a purchase in the App Store?
How do you cancel a purchase in the App Store?

Apple has made it easy to cancel a purchase in the App Store.

How do you cancel a purchase in the App Store. You can do so within a certain amount of time after making the purchase and receiving your receipt.
You can cancel a purchase in the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by tapping a few buttons. It’s a little more complicated on Mac, so this page explains how to do it.

Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.

Under Purchase History, select the purchase you want to cancel, then click the “Report a Problem” button. Amazon and other app stores have similar options where you can report a transaction or get further information about their return policies.
If you’ve already used the app, book, or item that you purchased, you’ll get a full refund as long as it’s within 15 minutes of completing your purchase.
To cancel an in-app purchase, just follow these steps:
The easiest way to cancel an app purchase is on the device you made the purchase with. Then, you’ll need to have your iTunes password handy.
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Can you tell me how I can cancel a purchase on the App Store?
The company doesn’t provide any other way to reverse payments on its digital content. Apple offers contact information for its customer support on its website, including support for iTunes, iCloud and the App Store.
If you made an accidental purchase or want to return a recent app purchase, follow these steps to cancel your order.
You can cancel an in-app purchase any time before the transaction is complete. Tap the Featured tab, select any featured app and go to Purchase > Buy. Then, tap the “Cancel” button.
There are two ways to purchase apps: using the iTunes app on your computer and using the App Store app on your device.
Zde uvidíte všechny platby, které jste provedli prostřednictvím své Apple ID a budete moci je odhlásit. Budete také moct zobrazit a odhlášet soubory, které zaplatili pro vzdělání přes App Store nebo iTunes Store.

Para cancelar una compra en el App Store, siga estos pasos:

Abre iTunes para Mac o iPod touch/iPhone y, a continuación, dirígete a la página del recibo “información de compra”. Selecciona el punto de venta que deseas eliminar y selecciona “borrar lo comprado” o “quitarlo”. Haz clic en “siguiente” para confirmar el proceso y rellena tus datos y número de cuenta. Haz clic en “confirmar” para eliminar el recibo de tu cuenta.
O App Store tem um método de cancelamento que garante a você o direito de cancelar algumas ou todas as suas transações.

De acuerdo con Apple,

Por ejemplo, si se compra una aplicación y posteriormente se descubre que no funciona o que no es tan útil como se le dijo al comprador, este puede cancelar su transacción en cualquier momento y recibir su dinero de vuelta.
Finally, select “Report a Problem” and explain why you want to cancel the purchase. You’ll get an email within 30 minutes letting you know that Apple has received your report.
Puede cancelar cualquier compra dentro de las aplicaciones del App Store e iTunes.
Seleccione “Ver Mi Cuenta” en el esquema de navegación de Apple, siga hasta la página “Historial Compras”. Acuda al icon “Finalizar” y desbloquee la pantalla del bloqueo con su número de cuenta. A continuación, pulse el botón Cancelar Cuenta.
You can easily cancel a purchase by going to your account information page on the Apple website and looking for the relevant order. You can then click “Report Problem” to contact Apple Support.

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