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How to Change App Icons Android

Change App Icons Android
Change App Icons Android

One of the most effective methods to personalize one of the best ways to personalize your change app icons android smartphone is to alter the icons used by your apps. It is possible to install icons that are fully themed to encompass all the apps you use or make a few changes to one you like better.

The most effective way to alter the icons in Android is to use an alternative launcher. They work with Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo or any other brand, and you can also use them without changing the launcher you use.

Change icons for apps on Android.

  • Look up the icon for the app you’d like to change. Hold the icon until a pop-up window appears.
  • Select “Edit”.
  • The following popup window displays the hero of the application and the app’s name (which is also customizable in this window).
  • To select another icon, tap on the icon of the app. You can then select an alternative icon from the selection available.
  • If you aren’t happy with the default options, it is possible to download icons from the Playstore.

Change App Icons Android

Individual Change App Icons Android.

Locate the app whose icon you would like to change. Press it for a long time until a small menu appears, then choose Edit.

Click the icon to browse through the available options. This is the Built-in group that contains all icons on your phone, which includes the default Android icons and those from your other applications.

Select what you’re looking for, and it’ll become part of the application.

Change icons for apps on Android by using icons in a pack.

There is no need to change just one icon per app at one time. Download an icon set on the Play Store, which will alter the heroes of the top apps in a single. This allows you to create an entirely new design for your phone and keeps the icons in the same style. Change icons by using an application.

If you don’t want to install a new launcher, numerous change app icons android are available on the Play Store that works on all platforms, including Samsung up to OnePlus.

We suggest X Icon Changer, which is free to download.

This lets you use your preferred app icons, even on the device’s standard launcher.

If you start X Icon Changer, you’ll get an overview of all the applications installed on your smartphone. Select the one you’d like to change, after which you can select the icon you’d like to choose instead.


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